Hair Infusions Oil By Hairducation


A multipurpose hair and scalp oil which contains a blend of carrier and essential oils that preserves hair fibers, supports hair growth and improves scalp health. Ingredients which strengthen the inner layer of hair are balanced with cuticle friendly ingredients to leave your hair smooth, flexible and strong without feeling brittle.

3 Key Uses

  • Daily sealant,
  • Scalp massage oil
  • Pre-shampoo or oil/conditioning treatment


  • Increases moisture retention thereby reducing breakage for longer hair.
  • Strengthening of the outer layer of hair which makes the hair more capable of enduring wear and tear
  • Increases smoothness and manageability of hair
  • Reduces the formation of split ends
  • Aids detangling
  • Increases shine and gives hair a healthy appearance

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How to Use

  1. Sealant: Use daily as a sealant by applying a few drops to hair after moisturising.
    A water based moisturising leave-in product should be applied to your hair.  This should be followed by application of the Infusions Hair + Scalp Oil.
    This will prevent dryness and reduce breakage.
  2. Scalp Oil:Use as a scalp massage oil once or twice a week to support healthy hair growth.
  3. Pre-shampoo Oil Treatment/ Boost Conditioner: Can be used as pre-shampoo oil treatment or hot oil treatment. Mix one to two teaspoons into your deep conditioner to boost the richness of your conditioner, strengthen inner layers of your hair and replenish the outer layer.

Ingredients list

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