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Rose Gold

AfriBeauty Glow Scrub is a traditional West African Body Cleanser and Exfoliator which has been used for generations.

The mesh cloth is made of 100% Nylon. The Glow Scrub can be used for daily cleansing when wet, and as a more rigourous exfoliator when dry. Skincare experts recommend it for ingrown hair,  dead skin and so much more. It can stretch up to 100cm and makes reaching your back so easy. It is the ultimate bath tool. The incredible part?  This affordable luxury lasts up to 18 months.

Get your Glow Scrub today, your body will love it.

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How to use:

Wet with water and apply your body wash or soap until the it lathers.   Massage over body.  Rinse and air dry.  Use daily or when needed.


Not recommended for anyone with sensitive skin conditions.  If skin irritation occurs, stop using immediately. Do not use on areas with any cuts or leasions.

Kindly note that your Glow Scrub will soften and stretch with time.

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