25 May

African Beauty (A-Beauty) To The World

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Over the past two years African Beauty Collective has been an integral part of the African Beauty (A-Beauty) industry. From testing products between the two dynamic metropolises of Lagos and Johannesburg, curating a limited-edition A-Beauty box and growing a Pan African e-commerce platform.

It is evident that three main factors have converged to bring A-Beauty to an international platform. A-Beauty’s slow emergence into the spotlight is based on the global rise of consumer awareness and focus on effective ingredients – including cult African botanicals, visionary African female entrepreneurs with innovative products, and the most significant driver – a supportive grassroots led community of young, confident African women.

Benefits of African Botanicals

Our vast and beautiful continent of Africa is known to be the origin of humanity and a land that nurtures a rich biodiversity of fauna and flora. Extracts from indigenous African plants are unique in their properties and benefits, due in part to the extreme climate on the continent. It is likely that your international skin and hair care products already contain an assortment of African oils, such as shea, argan, baobab, marula and Kalahari melon oil. Consumers are now more empowered and educated about the benefits of ingredients in their beauty products. This knowledge-seeking trend has extended to ingredients and botanicals sourced from the motherland and caused an increase in consumer demand for authentic and sustainably sourced and produced A-Beauty brands. 

African Botancials at the core of A-Beauty. From left to Right: Kahlari Melon Oil, Shea Butter processing and finsihed products at Ajeke Shea Centre in Northern Ghana

Visionary, Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs

Many A-Beauty founders have developed products based on personal needs that international brands did not satisfy, or they have modernized cherished formulations passed down through generations of women in their family. Successful entrepreneurs in A-Beauty adapt Western business practices to the tough African trading environment. Over and above this, they are purpose driven and are conscious of their social impact because their initiatives not only benefit their immediate communities with employment but create a sense of inclusivity with their consumers. From shea butter co-operative farms in rural Northern Ghana, to beauty counters in South Africa, African women are at the helm of A-Beauty. Starting with a great product, clear brand positioning, business acumen and sheer hard work to build world-class brands.

Founders of A-Beauty Brands. From Left to Right : Vuyi Zondi (Corium Naturals, South Africa), Tutu Ahwoi (Nokware Skincare, Ghana), Ore Runsewe (Arami Essentials, Nigeria)

Superfan Community

The community of local African consumers has been A-Beauty’s biggest mouthpiece and driver. For many generations, African women have used ingredients from their natural environment for daily grooming as well as beauty rituals for special occasions. A myriad of reasons caused us to largely abandon or disconnect from these practices, including the colonial mentality which led us to believe foreign brands are inherently better, to the lack of quality and safe formulations in the domestic market. There is now a fundamental shift. The local demand for African brands has far exceeded the expectation of most A-Beauty entrepreneurs. The reason for this is simple: African women inherently want to see each other win. We know we have been the most marginalized and impoverished demographic in the world, and there is an indescribable sense of pride we feel when we discover amazing African brands. A winning brand has a great brand story that resonates with our community values, in combination with effective ingredients, attractive packaging and affordable price points.

We have compiled a list of must have A-Beauty brands across skin and hair care you should know!

Brand Category Country of Origin and Shipping Website Founder Email
Arami Skin + Hair Nigeria and ships internationally https://aramiessentials.com Ore Runsewe info@aramiessentials.com 
Corium Skin South Africa, available only in South Africa https://coriumskincare.co.za Vuyi Zondi orders@coriumskincare.co.za
Lelive Africa Skin South Africa, available only in South Africa https://leliveafrica.com/ Amanda Du-Pont info@lelive.africa
Uso Africa Skin South Africa https://uso.africa Dr Theo Mothoa-Frendo info@africandermalscience.com
Nokware Skin Ghana and ships internationally https://nokwareskincare.com Tutuwa info@nokwareskincare.com 
Nebedai Skin Senegal and ships to US and Europe https://nebedai.com/ Safi Tshinsele-van Bellingen info@nebedai.com
Desert Hills – !Nara Skin Namibia and sold in Europe via select stockists https://www.nara.com.na/ Stefanie & Volker Huemmer stefanie huemmer@iway.na
54 Thrones Skin USA and ships internationally https://54thrones.com/ Christina Funke Tegbe love@54thrones.com
Suki Suki Naturals Skin and Hair South Africa and sold in the US & Europe via select stockists https://www.sukisukinaturals.co.za/ Linda Gieskes-Mwamba hello@sukisukinaturals.co.za
Malee Natural Science Skin and Fragrance UK and South Africa https://maleeonline.com/ Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao hello@maleeonline.com
Skin Gourmet Skin, Hair & Edibles Ghana and ships internationally https://skingourmetgh.com Violet A. Amoabeng violet@skingourmetgh.com 
Fatima’s Garden Skin + Hair Morocco https://fatimasgarden.com/ Hassan El Allali contact@fatimasgarden.com
Marini Naturals Hair + Skin Kenya and ships internationally https://www.marininaturals.com/ Michelle Ntalami hello@marininaturals.com
Kinky Matters Hair Ghana and sold in the UK https://www.kinkymatters.com Lydia Forson kinkymattersgh@gmail.com
Pure Persona Hair Ghana and ships internationally https://purepersona.com/ Nana Konamah Boateng nana@purepersona.com
Hairducation Hair Nigeria https://www.rehairducation.com Lade Salami rehairducation@gmail.com
Kui Care Hair Nigeria http://www.kuicare.com/ Majiri Otobo Igboegwu hello@kuicare.com
Nilotiqa Hair South Africa, available only in South Africa https://www.nilotiqa.com/ Thokozile Mangwiro thokozile.mangwiro@nilotiqa.com
Olori Cosmetics Hair Nigeria and ships internationally https://oloricosmetics.com Olutoyin Odulate info@oloricosmetics.com
Kuti Oil Wholesale Namibia http://www.kutioil.com/ Mpingana Dax & Maria Dax mpingana@kutioil.com


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