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Got Acne? Try Plantain

By: Afribeauty Collective Skin

AfriBeauty is always looking for solutions to help you address your beauty concerns. Our operations assistant at AfriBeauty, Eniola, shares her story on her experience with hormonal acne and how she stumbled across a great natural solution. It might work for you. Read details below ūüôā

“How unripe (green) plantain helped clear my acne”

BEFORE The unripe (green) plantain diet: Eniola’s acne prone skin

“Battling with acne skin can be mentally, emotionally and financially draining. Most people at some point in life have skin issues, I¬†must say, I feel like its been a hell of a journey dealing with my acne prone skin. I tried using different skin cleansers and creams across various brands of skincare products¬†and took some antibiotics. ¬†At some point, I ¬†stopped wearing makeup for a long time. ¬† ¬†From trying many different products and recommendations within my budget, and having my acne return almost every single time- this experience made me lose a lot of self-confidence.

From left to right, grilled and boiled green (unripe) plantain

I was advised to go seek help with a dermatologist, just before I did that, I decided to give it one last try with my diet. ¬†This is how I stumbled on how good unripe (green) plantains are for my skin.¬†I always wanted to try the keto diet to see if it could help my skin, over a few weeks I didn’t really experience a big difference.¬†After Keto diet I didn‚Äôt want to go back to eating a lot of junk food, ¬†so I decided to focus on consuming healthy local produce. ¬†I included ¬†unripe (green) plantain as a major part of my diet ¬†because it contains a lot of fibre and vitamins is readily available and affordable.

Surprisingly- my skin started to improve. ¬†My team at AfriBeauty complimented me on my skin and asked what I had been doing. I researched online for the benefits of unripe plantain and I was excited to found out that unripe (green) plantain had been a major factor in clearing up my acne!¬†Unripe (green) plantain is a source of vitamin A, B6 and C and helps improve skin complexion, builds immunity against skin diseases and free radicals, it’s also rich in magnesium and potassium minerals. I started to make a lot of meals out of unripe plantain with virgin olive oil like boiled plantain, porridge, chips, plantain swallow and more. ¬†While I binged on unripe plantain, I also kept a basic skincare routine using my favorite¬†African black soap, sunscreen during the day and my skin turned out surprisingly great.

As we all know, ¬†some things work for certain people and consuming more plantain may not have same effect on you as it has on my skin. However, ¬†I strongly believe a healthy diet and good skincare regimen plays a great part in achieving¬†clear skin. ” Eniola, AfriBeauty

AFTER The unripe (green) plantain diet: Eniola’s skin cleared up beautifully




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