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LCO vs LOC Method – Which One Really Works?

By: AfriBeautyCollective Hair

As black women, we all know that locking moisture into our hair is essential to growth, length retention and a full head of healthy hair.

This is achieved by the L.O.C and L.C.O methods. Though these methods are commonly used in the natural hair care community, relaxed ladies can benefit from it too.

What is the LOC Method?

When applying the LOC method to your hair, you initially apply Liquid, seal with Oil and then apply a Cream such as shea butter.

What is the LCO Method?

It is the application of the LCO method you once again start with the application of Liquid, followed by Cream, and finally Oil such as castor oil or grapeseed oil.

What’s the Difference Between LOC & LCO Method?

Both of these methods are designed to lock in moisture due to the layering process. Water reigns supreme as the ultimate moisturizer, cream provides a thicker layer that when mixed with the water further aids hydration, adds softness and ensures no moisture is lost. Oil creates a thin layer over the hair increasing lubrication and preventing moisture loss.

So which method is better? Neither! Whether you are natural, texlaxed or relaxed it’s all dependent on your hair’s porosity. If you don’t know your hair’s porosity, check out our post on  Understanding your hair’s porosity.

Once you know your porosity check out this breakdown below!

Can this be used every day?
This method can help you keep moisture locked in for 3+ days before reapplication is necessary

Overall, both the LOC and LCO methods are extremely beneficial to your hair and will have you saying au revoir to dry unhealthy hair for good.

Recommended Products

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Liquid: Marini Miracle Mist Naturals Daily Spritz Spray. This spray contains rosewater and smells AMAAZING! Its everything you need you need in a spritz bottle. Experience an itch-free scalp, soft, detangled and detangles hair all in one!

Oil: Nilotiqa Nourishing Oil. This hair oil is made with 100% natural oils such as shea, coconut, macula and jojoba oils. It restores moisture and nutrients to the hair.

Cream: Olori “Damage Be Gone” Happy Hair Butter. This product is perfect for daily application to the scalp, edges and temples. Packing a powerful punch, Olori’s hair butter prevents dandruff, stimulates growth, nourishes thirsty hair, and restores a healthy shine. It is ideal for braids, protective hair styles and is also great for little girls too! With the Happy Hair Butter, a little goes a long way

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