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AfriBeauty Box Collection no. 1 Review

By: Afribeauty Collective Hair, Makeup, Skin

AfriBeauty Box Review

When it comes to skincare, the most important thing is finding a beauty regimen that works. As a black woman this is even more important considering that we deal with issues such as hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dry skin etc. So when I heard there was a beauty box by African Beauty Collective (ABC) that has skin, hair and make up products all in one place I was besides myself.

Each product in the beauty box is made by an African woman who has identified a need  you may have when it comes to personal grooming and has worked tirelessly to bring you a great quality product to address your concerns in one beautifully curated package.

Ready to give the ABC box a try? We’ve put together a cheat sheet to ABC Beauty box so you know exactly to expect.


Arami Onyx Glow

Arami Onyx Glow: This gummy African Black Soap is for great your face; the Arami Essentials’ customer testimonial hype is real! This black soap’s ability to clear stubborn marks and leave your skin soft and supple is legi

Feedback:If your a texture phobe this product will definitely get to you. However, the gummy texture does dissolve into a foamy liquid when diluted with water.

I have sensitive skin, and although encouraged to be used with one’s face, I used the Arami Onyx Glow on my body instead and the results were astounding. Lightened pigmentation especially on my arms and legs.

Positives: Brightens skin, evens skin tone.

Negatives: Leaves skin feeling drier than usual – To counter the dryness I would encourage you to go in with a body oil after bathing.

Modara Liquid Black Soap

Modara Liquid Black Soap: A far more gentle soap to the Arami and so I opted to use it on my face. Within a month I saw my skin clearing of tiny pimples caused by the heat, dark circles around the eyes and lines on  my cheeks diminished. If you have issues with skin tags this could also benefit you tremendously. A few disappeared off my face and the rest shrank.

Positives: My skin is definitely far more supple, clearer, even and is beginning to have a natural glow.

Negatives: Again leaves your skin with less moisture as it sucks out the impurities. Make sure to go in with hydrating moisturizer after use.

Nokware Shea Butter

Nokware Shea Butter: Light weight and buttery this melts so easily onto your skin and keeps you moisturized all day. Only use generous amounts if your skin is really dry and thirsty. Shea butter is generally great for your body, if you have sensitive or irritable skin, we advise that you limit usage to your body not your face

Feedback:As someone who suffers from dry skin this product was a God send. I’ve grown accustomed to walking around with lotion because of the need to constantly reapply, so one can avoid looking ashy. With Nokware Shea Butter that’s not the case. It keeps your skin moisturised for hours and it transforms the look and feel of your skin with continuous use. A great trick if your skin is on the dryer side; go in with a body oil first before applying the shea butter, this will lock in the moisture and keep you moisturised for the day!

Positives: Keeps you moisturised, Smells great, gives you a natural glow.

Negatives: None


Kui Hair Spray: This cinnamon and tea tree spray adds tons of moisture and shine to your hair and keeps scalp hydrated without a greasy build-up, over time it assists with hair growth too! Apply every day depending on how dry your hair feels. Suitable for braids, natural or relaxed hair as well your cornrows under your wig.

Feedback:Having transitioned to natural hair in the past year dealing with the dilemma of having low porosity hair and not knowing how to take care of it, I held onto the promises of this product and hoped for the best! And boy did it deliver. Spritzing this daily in my hair for the past few months has made a world of difference. My hair became softer, scalp stopped itching and it smells  amazing.

Positives: Holds in moisture for extended periods, smells great, softens hair.

Negatives: None


Nuban Beauty Blender

Nuban Beauty Blender:  Every woman needs this beauty blender! We can’t get enough of how it blends your makeup beautifully each and every time. Use it to apply foundation, concealer and contour powder. Clean with a bar soap after every use to keep it hygienic.

Feedback:As someone who wears makeup daily, I can say without bias that this is the best beauty blender that I have ever used. It’s soft, it holds moisture incredibly well and applies makeup smoothly and evenly.

Positive: Blends evenly, doesn’t clump, holds moisture well and is hypoallergenic

Negatives: None

Bonus: It’s latex free. I found out that I broke out in rashes because I had a mild latex allergy that turned into a severe allergy. Turns out a lot of my skin conditions were caused as a result of this allergy. Switch to Hypoallergenic products, it could make a world of difference for you skin.

I would encourage all women to try the AfriBeauty  box in a heartbeat! It’s not expensive and combined the products will last you a minimum of two months.

Note: Inorder to see the true result of any skincare product I would encourage you to increase your water intake. 3 litres a day will benefit you internally and will most definitely change your appearance for the better.

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