26 May

Protective Styles: Box Braids For Hair Growth

By: AfriBeautyCollective Hair

Box Braids are great for hair growth. Keeping box braids for at least one month will help you to retain the length of your hair and if well maintained by keeping hair moist and well-conditioned can encourage growth. 5 steps if you want your braids to protect and help your hair grow when doing box braids:

Step 1:

Wash your hair well with a sulphate free shampoo and deep condition it overnight- if your hair is extremely dry. Air dry your hair, avoid heat at all costs because heat weakens the hair structure can cause the hair to lose excess moisture and makes it easier to break. African Shampoos are great to clean and add moisture to your hair.

From right to left: Marini Naturals Sulphate Free Shampoo from Kenya, Olori Conditioning shampoo from Nigeria and Mikalla Cleansing & conditioning shampoo  Kenya

Step 2:

Apply a leave-in conditioner and moisturiser. Apply a generous quantity of moisturiser the hair scalp and work your way up to the hair strands.

Step 3:

Make sure you find a hairdresser/braider with “a great hand” or “growing fingers”. BELIEVE THIS – Your braider matters, a skilled person with a gentle hand will reduce the tension your hair experiences when woven. Once you have found someone who doesn’t cause your hair to shed or break excessively post braids, lock them down! Shower them with Christmas, New Year, and birthday gifts! Lol! Ask your friends, family locally based social media beauty gurus for recommendations and their experience when it comes to braiders if you don’t have one already.

Caring hands makes for beautiful hair

Step 4:

EDGES!!!- THIS DESERVES TO BE HIGHLIGHTED IN CAPITAL LETTERS! Always remember….easy does it, treat your edges with some TLC when you braid. Ensure your braids are not too tight (rather have loose braids than a bald patch), also observe how much hair is taken into the braid. The more hair is taken in one clump the better; this elevates a ton of pressure from the extension to being put on your roots. Edge control is basically your best friend; it will always hide a multiple of sins from stray hairs to new growth.Design Essential Edge control is bomb

Step 5:

Maintenance: Spray and scalp oil at least every two days depending on how your hair is and the weather. Wipe hair with a warm wet towel (weekly) and visit the salon to clean the scalp with alcohol. Sleeping with a silk scarf to prevent friction at night and any oil soaking into your pillow.

Products Left to right; Kui Care ( Nigeria), Zarona (South Africa), Mikalla (Kenya), Marini Naturals (Kenya)


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