25 May

How They Got Started – KAEME – Freda Obeng

By: AfriBeautyCollective Interviews

The only girl and the youngest of five children, Freda Obeng grew up as a tomboy and rarely experimented with beauty brands. Growing up, her no-fuss staple grooming regimen was the raw shea butter and black soap her mother provided, she used this religiously head to toe from youth into adulthood.

Left: AfriBeauty Collective Founder AK, Right: Kaeme  founder Freda Obeng

During her many international travels, the Ghanaian native often received compliments on the smoothness of her skin. Many would ask her if the results were based on her use of high-end international cosmetic brands. This convinced her to stick to her beloved black soap, and shea butter mixed with her favourite essential oils and fragrance.

After a period of study and work abroad Freda returned home to Ghana. Upon her return, she was invited to a friend’s wedding. Instead of purchasing an extravagant gift for the couple, she offered to make the bride her unique mix of essential oils and whipped shea butter to give as wedding favours. Her trusted homemade skin formula was so popular with the guests, more than half in attendance ordered more. This was the beginning of something great! After realising the business potential, the brand

Kaeme was born. Freda’s passion for her brand is palpable. Kaeme is a term in Twi, a Ghanaian dialect which means –’Remember me’. “When you buy Kaeme, I want you to remember the brand for making you smell and feel Good, similarly when Kaeme makes it big globally, I want Kaeme to remember its roots, that it is proudly made from Ghana”.

Kaeme currently provides customers around the world with a diverse range of products and is part of the growing exclusive group of trusted African brands. Freda’s vision is to continuously provide consumers with great quality products through a strong brand proposition.  We have no doubt that Kaeme and Freda will soon stand head and shoulders next to multinational brands.

Here at African Beauty Collective, we tried the two flagship products; Kaeme’s whipped shea butter and black soap. They come in a sleek deep-mahogany tub and bottle respectively. The shea butter is neatly sealed for consumer production and all the products are FDA (Food and Drugs Association of Ghana) approved.

The three main qualities of the black soap;

  • The amazing scent – we tried the Adinkra variant,
  • gentle moisturising qualities,
  • non-drying properties make it multi-functional and ideal for skin and hair.

Kaeme’s Shea Butter is easy to apply and has a great fragrance which leaves skin naturally perfumed. The shea butter adds an extra layer of fragrance if used with the black soap and locks in moisture without the greasiness.

Black Soap is available in the following 6 Variants, in Small (4oz/113g) or Large (16oz/453g) Similarly the whipped Shea Butter is available in Small (4oz/113g) or Large (8oz /226g)

  • Unscented
  • Adinkra: Previously known as Irresistible
  • Urbane: Previously known as Sandalwood
  • Evergreen: Previously known as Citrus Cilantro
  • Eternal: Previusoly known as Goji
  • Goldflakes: Previously known as Superman
  • Sunkissed: Previously known as Ginger Lime
  • Citronella

KAEME Ships Worldwide! Order from their website at www.kaeme.com

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