15 Apr

Your eyebrows have the power to make or break any makeup look. Knowing this could bring about fear in any woman’s mind, but fear not! We’ve put together an easy step-by-step guide to getting the perfect eyebrows in no time.

You only need these 5 things!

1 – Primer:Yanga Beauty Primer or PONDS vanishing cream

2 – Pencil or Brow Gel: Evita Joseph or Elsas Pro Brow Gel

3 – Flat Brush: Evita Joseph

4 – Spoolie: Generic

5 – Light Concealer & Foundation: NARS / LA Girl & So Aesthetic Foundation / Maybelline Fit me foundation

Get Perfect Brows in 3 Easy Steps

Step1: Use your spoolie to brush eyebrow hair upwards and in the direction you need to fill up sparse areas

Step 2: Put primer on your eyebrows to remove any extra oil and it also helps to keep hair in place all day

Step 3: Outline your eyebrow shape. Remember two key things, (1) Where your brow starts (2) The arch of the brow is by the nose. As per illustration below

Source: Janeiredale.com

Step 4: Use your spoolie to brush product (eyebrow pencil) in place and use your pencil to fill in the brow using soft small strokes – strokes need to be hair like to make eyebrow look natural

Step 5: Use your flat brush and concealer to outline the bottom of the brow. This will highlight it and bring light to your face. Then use a matching foundation to clean the top of your eyebrow. Do Not use a concealer otherwise you will create a halo effect

Check out our favourite step-by-step eyebrow tutorial below!


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