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Beginners Guide To African Botanicals

By: AfriBeautyCollective Skin

What are African Botanicals?

A botanical is a plant or plant part valued for its medicinal or therapeutic properties, flavour, or scent. The substances obtained or derived from these plant extracts are mostly used in hair and skin care.

Why Use African Botanicals?

African botanicals are the gift that keeps on giving. They can be used in addition to products to make them more potent and effective, or as stand-alone oils for healing of skin conditions, congestion, memory loss, pain, inflammation, headaches, nausea, killing bacteria, viruses and fungus, stimulating the immune system, skin issues and many more ailments.

Ten African Botanicals You Should Have In Your Home

Shea Butter

The ivory-coloured butter is a solid fatty oil extracted from the nuts of the shea tree which grows naturally across West Africa. Shea butter is widely used as a natural moisturiser – rich in vitamins A and E, it works to heal and nourish dry and damaged skin. It also provides relief from rashes, sunburn, eczema and many other skin irritations. Shea butter is great for softening dry or brittle hair and soothing itchy scalps. It’s completely chemical-free and non-toxic.

The Women who make shea butter in the North of Ghana at Ajike Shea Centre Source: Alike Shea Centre


The process of making Shea Butter Source: Ajike Shea Centre

Mafura Butter

The Mafura tree, also known as Cape Mahogany, grows in Southern Africa, producing beautiful white flowers and reddish-brown seeds. The butter is cold pressed from these seeds to make an incredibly rich substance. This magical butter is both anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, containing essential fatty acids touted for their anti-ageing properties. It is not only light and easily absorbed but the deep moisturising properties increase the elasticity of both hair and skin.


African Black Soap

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The Holy grail of skin care, African black soap, is the hottest African botanical on the market right now. An amazing natural solution for breakouts, hyper-pigmentation, stretch marks, and everything in between, black soap is the ultimate beauty solution.

Unlike the synthetic soaps, authentic black soap is handmade from plant-based ingredients in West Africa. No matter who you are, you’ll soon discover that this gem is a one-size-fits-all natural approach to flawless skin glowing skin.

Marula Oil

This oil used for health purposes is harvested from the Marula Tree. It is incredibly rich in vitamin C, containing 8 times more than oranges. A fantastic nourishing and hydrating oil, that helps to maintain the skin’s natural fats. Rich in Omegas 6 & 9, it helps to restructure and regenerate skin cells, and as a powerful source of anti-oxidants, the oil acts as a free radical scavenger, treating dry skin, stretch marks and skin irritations.

Kalahari Melon

The oil also referred to as Citrullus Lanatus is rich in essential fatty acids; linoleic, oleic and palmitic acids, with excellent emollient, hydrating and epidermal restructuring properties. This means it not only protects the skin but also maintains the integrity of cell walls and offers deep hydration to skin and hair.

Argan Oil

Argan oil one of Mother Nature’s seemingly endless gifts to us. Known as ‘liquid gold’, Argan oil is a Moroccan organic product extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree. Rich in beneficial nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E which make it beneficial for the hair and skin,

Rooibos Oil

This non-greasy treatment oil helps to reduce the appearance of dark marks and spots and protects skin from environmental damage. With incredible antioxidant power, this 100% natural derived lightweight oil helps reduce the signs of damage caused by environmental and lifestyle stress, brightens skin and evens skin tone.

Macadamia Nut Oil

The most important health benefits of macadamia nut oil include its ability to improve heart health, boost energy levels, improve your digestive process, and helps ease the symptoms for those suffering from Celiac disease. It also helps boost bone health, protects eye health, prevents chronic diseases, stimulates circulation and optimises immune system and other protective systems.

Mongongo Oil

The Mongogo tree, often also referred to as Manketti Oil or the Mongongo nut, can grow up to 20 meters tall and has distinct hand-shaped leaves, with the fruit and its oil possessing mass healing properties. This oil is rich in eleostearic acid which creates natural sun protection. Its rich linoleic acid assists in restructuring, regenerating, and hydrating skin and is also high in vitamin E.

Baobab Oil

The Baobab tree is native to eastern and southern Africa. Often called Africa’s best-kept secret, the rich, golden oil from the tree is abundant in vitamins and essential fatty acids and has a plethora of beneficial applications for the skin.  Its leaves can be eaten as one eats spinach. The fruit can be made into a nutritious drink or marmalade and is often used to thicken stews. In fact, the pulp of the fruit has about six times as much Vitamin C as an orange. Baobab oil can, therefore, be used for people suffering from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, skin cancer, scaly skin disorder and non-healing wounds, such as diabetic ulcers. It absorbs quickly, improves skin elasticity, encourages the regeneration of skin cells and does not clog the pores.

Once you have these African botanicals in your arsenal you will find that your appearance, health and mood will improve dramatically. No need to stress about the cost, they are easy to access and are incredibly affordable. All of these products can be found online, in most pharmacies, specialised health stores and supermarkets too.

Coming soon : Our list of the top brands making pure African Botanicals


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