13 Apr

Colour Correcting For Beginners and Pros

By: AfriBeautyCollective Makeup

Colour correction is a crucial part of any woman’s makeup routine. Like contouring, the celebrated technique requires various formulas of different shades to even out the skin’s overall pigment.

In the simplest sense, colour correcting is a way to camouflage or neutralize skin discolouration before the application of foundation giving you a flawless even-toned look.

How Does It Work?

None of us has perfect skin and as a result, most concealers will not fully camouflage dark circles and redness. This is where colour correcting comes into play.

By using complementary colours you can balance and cancel out colour imperfection on your skin caused by hyperpigmentation, scarring, dark circles, and bruising. Colour Correcting balances out colour imperfections on the skin leaving you with an even skin tone and a flawless finish.

Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered.

Source: Dermaflage.com

Green neutralizes redness; yellow combats purple; purple neutralizes yellow or sallowness; pink promotes brightness; peach enhances brightness and evens skin tone for lighter complexions; melon enhances brightness evens skin tone for a medium and darker complexion.

This step by step video by our favourite, Jackie Aina is the perfect guidance tool to help you along your colour correcting journey.

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