12 Apr

The Art of Wearing Colour Lipstick

By: AfriBeautyCollective Makeup

Diving into the world of colour lipstick can be such a pain. The fear of getting it wrong and potentially looking like a clown backs so many of us into the neutral lipstick corner. As a result, we find ourselves constantly reaching for plum shades and neutral glosses.

Here’s what no one’s told you, black skin is the most beautiful canvas known to man. Bright shades of lipstick look as beautiful, if not more beautiful on dark skin tones as they do on fairer skins. It’s just about finding the right shade and consistency that works for you as an individual.

For AfriBeauty Collective by @Thelexash

So how does one delve into the realm of colour lipstick? Well, you choose a shade and put it on! I should be that simple, but it’s not, the truth is going from lip balm to bright red would terrify anyone.

We’ve come up with three easy steps to take you from lipstick wallflower to a bright colour wearing bombshell!

  • Take the colour you currently wear and try something a few shades brighter first as gloss, then once you’ve adjusted to wearing that shade you can try it as full lipstick colour when you’re ready
  • When trying a tricky new colour, like an orange or red for example buy a slightly darker lip liner so you can alter the colour yourself if you feel it looks too bright
  • Enjoy the process. The joy of makeup is that it’s not a tattoo on your forehead, it always comes off



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